Sustainable travel tips

Travelling is great. But for us to be able to continue exploring new countries and learning about foreign cultures, we need to ensure that tourism is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is sound from ecological, socio-cultural and financial perspectives. In Norway, these three aspects form the basis of our sustainability work. We believe it’s our job to make mindful actions easier for everyone.

Useful things to know

How can I get to Varanger?
You can fly, cruise or drive. See the getting here sections for more on your options.

What’s the best time of year to visit Varanger?  
Varanger is a year-round destination. Winters are great for outdoor activities like cross-country skiing, snow-kiting and ice-swimming. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to see the Northern Lights in Varanger. Late summer and autumn are ideal for foraging and enjoying colourful autumn foliage. The spring months (until early May) offer the best skiing in Varanger. The summer months across Northern part of Norway  are known for their white nights, and in Varanger, as a time when the sun never sets.

Do I need a passport or visa to enter the country?  
You need a valid national passport or another equivalent that satisfactorily establishes your identity and nationality. If you aren’t a citizen of Norway or another European Economic Area (EEA) country, you may also need a visa. Please check with your local Norwegian Embassy, and they’ll be happy to help you.

The emergency phone number in Norway  
Please Call 113 if you need urgent medical attention. Do you need  help from firefighters call 110 or police call 112.




The main official languages of Norway are Norwegian. There are also several official minority languages as Sami and Finnish Language. English is spoken widely. Many also speak German.


The norwegian krone (NOK) is Norways official currency. Check out the currency converter here.

Time zone

Norway has only one time zone. The country has observed the same local time as standard time since time was standardized there in 1895.

Think climate and nature

In Norway, we make better climate choices and have an action plan to curb our carbon footprint.

Have respect for heritage

In Norway, we strive for true, respectful representation of local cultures. We want to help strengthen cultural heritage and support cross-cultural dialogue.

Buy and support local

We support local businesses and aim to bring employment and prosperity to communities.

Do not freeze

Leave your party clothes and dancing shoes back home. The weather can change from time to time. Do not freeze or get wet and cold, when you travel to the arctic you need warm clothes but also swimsuits for artic icebath. 

take care OF and respect our fragile nature and environment

Welcome to Varanger on top of the world in the arctic part of Norway. Please be considerate of your surroundings by following these simple guidelines. this why, you can be sure that your visit does not diminish other people’s experience. 

1. Camp in designated area

2. Leave no traces

Avoid leaving traces in nature, such as cairns, tent pegs etc. Allow others to have the same great experience that you´ve had.

3. Follow the path 

Follow the path and avoid creating new paths.

4. Waste bins

Throw waste in waste bins. If you are in an area without bins, bring your waste with you until you can dispose of it.

5. Use public toilets

If none are present, go into the ocean or dig a pit in the ground. Avoid using wet wipes, as they take a long time to decompse. 

6. Respect private property 

Camping closer than 150 meters from an occupied house or cabin is forbidden. You can only camp on cultivated land if you have an agreement with the land owner. 

7. Be considerate in traffic

The roads in Varanger are narrow, yet many use them. Keep well clear of the cyclist when passing them. 

8 . Ban on fires

If During the summer months, there is a general ban on open fires. Use designated sites for fire, and make sure there is no risk for a fire in our fragile arctic nature.

9. Respect wildlife 

Avoid disturbing our birds and animals unnecessarily. Dogs must be kept on a lash at all time. 

10 . In the interest of the environment

As well as your own experience and safety, we recommend activities organized by tour operator.  You can find a list of such organizers on our website here.


Aurora borealis in Varanger <3 We love it!
Photo: Odd Angell, Vadsø
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Varangerhalvøya / Várnjárga /Varenkinniemi offers its visitors an ancient landscape of Arctic tundra, boulder fields, rich wetlands and riparian valleys with rivers that run to the Varanger Fjord and Barents Sea. Read more here:
Photo; ©Foto: Roger Ellingsen / Statens vegvesen
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The story about Drakkar:

Long ago, in the northernmost parts of Norway, there lived a fierce Viking warrior named Ragnar. Ragnar was known throughout the land for his bravery in battle and his prowess as a shipbuilder.

One day, Ragnar decided to embark on a voyage to explore the waters of the Arctic Ocean. He commissioned his finest ship, a sleek and mighty drakkar, to be built and set out from his home port in Vardø.

As they sailed northward, Ragnar and his crew encountered many challenges, including treacherous ice floes, fierce storms, and attacks from rival clans. But they were undaunted and pressed on, determined to reach the furthest reaches of the Arctic.

Finally, after many long weeks at sea, they arrived at a desolate and icy shore, where they discovered a hidden cove teeming with exotic wildlife and abundant resources. They dubbed this new land "Island of the White Bear," and settled there, building a thriving village and trading outpost.

Ragnar`s drakkar became a legendary vessel, feared and respected throughout the region. Its imposing figure and fierce reputation made it a symbol of Viking strength and conquest.

And so, thanks to Ragnar`s daring expedition and the mighty drakkar that carried him, Vardø became a center of Norse power and exploration, and the story of the drakkar in Vardø lived on for generations to come.

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Steilneset memorial, Vardø
Photo: Steinar Skaar, Statens vegvesen
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