Varanger is about the long lines in the landscape, as well as the long lines of history. Proximity to Russia, Finnish immigration and Sami traditions provide the area with exciting cultural diversity.

The drive runs through birch woods, marshland and a rugged cliff landscape. The light is special and the birdlife and wildlife unique. Species of birds that you won’t find anywhere else in the world are relatively easily accessible. There is also a good chance of experiencing reindeer at first hand along this road.

The route will reveal natural surroundings full of contrasts, and the lunar landscape out towards Hamningberg in many ways makes your drive feel like a journey to the end of the world.

Steilneset memorial. Witchtrial memorial Architect Peter Zumthor Artist Louise Bourgoise Photo: Frid-Jorun Stabell / Statens Vegvesen

Steilneset Memorial

Steilneset memorial in Vardø has been erected to commemorate the 91 people who were found guilty of witchcraft and burnt at the stake here.

The artist Louise Bourgeois and the architect Peter Zumthor have joined in creating evocative space, a burning chair and a 100-metre long memorial hall that communicate this gripping story.

The texts are based on the old court records and are written by Liv Helene Willumsen, Professor of History.


Varanger is one of the few places in the world where you can easily seek out Arctic birds in their natural habitat. Such birds are usually only found in inaccessible places such as Siberia and northern Canada.

From the hide in Hamningberg you can study these birds and enjoy the Arctic scenery, well protected from wind and weather.

Hamningberg windshelter. Architect Biotope Photo: Frid-Jorun Stabell / Statens Vegvesen
Domen viewpoint , Architect Biotope Photo:Statens Vegvesen

Domen viewpoint

Mount Domen is known from folklore as the place where witches would have their meetings with Satan. Mount Domen is known from folklore as the place where witches would have their meetings with Satan. At the top of this mountain, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has established a shelter for resting and enjoying the majestic view.

From Domen there is a great view of the fiord, the open sea, wildlife along the shore, and the small town of Vardø. The maritime area around Vardø is world famous for its Arctic birdlife, and from the vantage point on a sunny spring day you can see several hundred thousand seabird


6000 people call Vadsø home, making it a metropolis along this route. Travellers of course enjoy cafes, restaurants and a stroll down the main street, overlooked by the monumental reconstruction-era church and the Immigration memorial Vadsøya, the offshore island outside the city centre, is noted for its airship mast. It was used in the North Pole expeditions of Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile in 1926 and 1928. There are also remnants of a late mediaeval fishing village, today signposted as a historic walk.

Mortensnes Cultural Heritage Site, Nesseby in Varanger.

Mortensnes Cultural  Heritage site

Mortensnes Cultural Heritage Site is a unique place in Nesseby, Varanger, Norway. It is a place of great cultural significance, with a rich history dating back to the Stone Age. Here you can find a variety of archaeological remains, including a Viking burial mound, a Stone Age settlement, and a Sami sacrificial site. The site is also home to a number of traditional buildings, including a Sami lavvu, a traditional Sami dwelling, and a traditional Norwegian storehouse. Visitors to the site can explore the area on foot, take part in guided tours, or simply enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Mortensnes Cultural Heritage Site is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history and culture of Norway.

Nesseby church

The Nesseby Church is situated on a magnificent and characteristic site, on a spit that juts into the north side of the Varanger fjord. The site along with the meagre vegetation makes the white painted church, with a grey slate covered roof, easily visible from a distance.


Nesseby Church in the Northern lights


Gornitak Rest Area is situated on the northern side of the fjord Varangerfjorden on the main road E75 east of the village Varangerbotn, and it is part of Norway’s National Tourist Route scheme.

The site consists of three main parts all connected to local history. Firstly by the road, the rest area’s service installations with parking spaces, which incorporate WW2 remains. From there a gravel path leads to the two other zones: the meadow and the breakwater. The meadow is preserved as a memory of the days when local farmers kept livestock and harvested hay here. The breakwater, worn by the sea ice, was originally built to create safe landing for local fishing boats.


Aurora borealis in Varanger <3 We love it!
Photo: Odd Angell, Vadsø
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Varangerhalvøya / Várnjárga /Varenkinniemi offers its visitors an ancient landscape of Arctic tundra, boulder fields, rich wetlands and riparian valleys with rivers that run to the Varanger Fjord and Barents Sea. Read more here:
Photo; ©Foto: Roger Ellingsen / Statens vegvesen
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The story about Drakkar:

Long ago, in the northernmost parts of Norway, there lived a fierce Viking warrior named Ragnar. Ragnar was known throughout the land for his bravery in battle and his prowess as a shipbuilder.

One day, Ragnar decided to embark on a voyage to explore the waters of the Arctic Ocean. He commissioned his finest ship, a sleek and mighty drakkar, to be built and set out from his home port in Vardø.

As they sailed northward, Ragnar and his crew encountered many challenges, including treacherous ice floes, fierce storms, and attacks from rival clans. But they were undaunted and pressed on, determined to reach the furthest reaches of the Arctic.

Finally, after many long weeks at sea, they arrived at a desolate and icy shore, where they discovered a hidden cove teeming with exotic wildlife and abundant resources. They dubbed this new land "Island of the White Bear," and settled there, building a thriving village and trading outpost.

Ragnar`s drakkar became a legendary vessel, feared and respected throughout the region. Its imposing figure and fierce reputation made it a symbol of Viking strength and conquest.

And so, thanks to Ragnar`s daring expedition and the mighty drakkar that carried him, Vardø became a center of Norse power and exploration, and the story of the drakkar in Vardø lived on for generations to come.

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Steilneset memorial, Vardø
Photo: Steinar Skaar, Statens vegvesen
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